To register to the event, please fill registration form at the end of the page…

Final deadline for registration is 20.08.2019

Full package participation fee depends on payment date:

  1. Early-bird Full package payment by June 15, 2019 (Player 295.- EUR, non-player 150.- EUR)
  2. Full package payment by July 15, 2019 (Player 345.- EUR, non-player 200.- EUR)
  3. Full package payment after July 15, 2019 (Player 395.- EUR, non-player 250.-)

Please pay participation fees to account:

  • Account: EE121700017004622781
  • Account holder: Tartu Toome Rotary Klubi
  • Bank: Luminor Bank AS
  • Bank address: Liivalaia 45, 10145, Tallinn
  • Bank registry code: 11315936

If you can’t make bank transfer, then please send e-mail to:
There is possibility to pay with credit card to Atlas Travel Agency (our travel management partner).

Full package includes:

  • All tournament plays (singles and doubles)
  • Events (Welcome, National Party, Award Night Gala Dinner)
  • Day off (28.08.2019) excursions
  • Welcome bag (including T-shirt)

Prices for separate events:

  • Singles play – 80.-;
  • Doubles play – 40.-/person;
  • Mix doubles play – 40.-/person;
  • T-shirt – 40.-;
  • Opening event – 30.-;
  • Tartu evening- 50.-;
  • Excursion – 50.-;
  • Gala dinner – 85.-.

We encourage to participate in Tournament with friends from your Club, Country or District. If you manage to organize group of 5 persons to attend Tournament, organizer will be freed from Registration fee!

To participate in Championship plays, you have to be member of International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians (ITFR).

If you need accommodation, please have a look in accommodation page, where are listed hotels with special rates for tournament. Due to limited availability, you are strongly advised to reserve your rooms early. You can request accommodation in registration form or in separate accommodation form.

Registration Form

Please visit also ITFR website: and fill there application form

  • Members of ITFR can be Rotarians, Rotaractors and Member’s Spouse (Wife/Husband).
  • ITFR membership is free of charge
(Accommodation, arrival, departure, transportation)

Selection of play categories

The undersigned requests the registration on the "15th ITFR WTC, Tartu, Estonia, 2019" in the following categories:
If you are looking for doubles partner, mark "to be communicated" and/or "looking"
If you are looking for doubles partner, mark "to be communicated" and/or "looking"
If you are looking for doubles partner, mark "to be communicated" and/or "looking"


Payment options

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