Here are listed suggested places and events in Tartu during tournament. You can find more on Visit Tartu website.

Official programme

NB! Open the card for more information and registration!

Arrival & Welcome Party

23.08.2019 at 19.00

A Le Coq Beer Museum visit

27.08.2019 at 15.00

Dinner at beer restaurant Püssirohukelder

27.08.2019 at 19.00

Roadtrip by bus to South-Estonia

28.08.2019 from 10 to 17

Tartu Mayor’s reception

29.08.2019 at 18.00

Gala Dinner & Award Night

30.08.2019 at 19.00

Organized activities

NB! Open the card for more information and registration!

Torchlight canoe trip on Emajõgi

25.08.2019 from 20 – 22

Sailing on the Jõmmu barge

26.08.2019 from 18 – 20

Visiting Estonian Genome Centre

27.08.2019 at 17.00

Worth a visit – Museums & Landmarks

Estonian National Museum

AHHAA Science Centre

Tartu Toy Museum

The Exhibition “The University of Tartu Main Building in Art”

The towers of Tartu Cathedral at the University of Tartu Museum”

Alatskivi Castle

Visiting Estonian Aviation Museum

Main building of the University of Tartu

Upside Down House

Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu

Toomemägi Park

Worth a visit – Fun

V Spa

Aura Centre, Water park

Adventure Park at Lõunakeskus

The ‘Jõmmu’ barge

Tartu Dendro Disc Golf

Torchlight canoe trip on Emajõgi

Worth a visit – Shopping

Shopping & Leisure Centre Lõunakeskus

Kvartal Business and Leisure Centre

Kalev Chocolate Shop in Tartu

Eat & Drink

Wine bar Vein ja Vine

Wine and art restaurant Vilde & Vine

Beer restaurant – Püssirohukelder

Festivals & Events

City Festival UIT

Festival in Aparaaditehas

Lüübnitsa Onion & Fish Fair

Peipsi Food Street 175 km

13th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon